Genomic Technologies Facility Plant Sciences Institute Iowa State University

Genomic Technologies Facility

2025 Roy J. Carver Co-Laboratory, Iowa State University
1111 WOI Road, Ames, Iowa 50011-1085

The Ion Proton Sequencer, ideal for genome sequencing, provides 80-100 million reads per run using the P1 chip. The BioSprint 96 provides automated DNA purification of 96 samples in one hour using MagAttract technology.

The Genomic Technologies Facility (GTF), part of the Center for Plant Genomics, provides expertise and equipment to conduct high-throughput research. Our services and equipment include:

  • Next Generation Sequencing Services
    • Ion Torrent™ Proton sequencing
  • High Throughput Nucleic Acid Manipulation
    • Qiagen BioSprint 96 high-throughput DNA/RNA extraction system
    • Eppendorf AF2200 Plate Reader (absorbance and fluorescence based quantification)
    • Lyophilization and Tissue Grinding
  • PCR Instruments
    • Two MJ Research 384 well 4 block DNA engine tetrads
    • Two Applied Biosystems 384 well 2 block Gene Amp PCR
    • Roche Lightcyler 480 RealTime thermocycler
  • Miscellaneous Services and Instruments
    • Blue Pippin and E-gel size selection systems
    • Agilent Bioanalyzer
    • Eppendorf epMotion M5073 liquid handling system

GTF Staff are available to answer questions regarding the use of technologies offered by the GTF and provide consultation on experimental design.

Before accessing facility equipment and services, users are required to provide a signed and approved user agreement to the Facility Manager. The fees section provides information about the fee structure.