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CAU-ISU Maize Genetics & Breeding Workshop - March 20th-21st, 2012

  • Hailing Jin shows scanned microarray images to the group
  • Sarah Hargreaves explains
  • Yi Jia talks in the computer lab
  • In the greenhouse
  • Dr. Haibing Xu amongst the greenhouse maize
  • Front Row L to R: Yingbin Li, Ping Zou, Xiangdong Fang, Hailing Jin, Sarah Hargreaves Back Row L to R: Xinhai Li, Kui Li, Kunlun Huang, Qiang Sheng, Kongming Wu, Haibin Xu

Chinese Delegation Visit - September 12th, 2006

On September 7th, 2006, visitors from several Chinese agricultural schools took a tour of the lab. Schools represented were the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Sichuan Agricultural University, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
  • L to R: Wenke Liang, Xinhai Li, Qilin Tang, Guangtang Pan, Tingzhao Rong, Pat Schnable, Xinhua Chen, Guirong Shi, Shaoping Wang, Debbie Chen, Shihuang Zhang
On August 8th, 2006, Drs. Steve Howell, director of the Plant Science Institute (PSI) and Basil J. Nikolau, professor in Biochemestry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology led a group of 3 visitors, Jim Breson (British Petroleum), Dr. Robert Brown, Director of ISU's Office for Biorenewables Program, and Marika Jones, Director of ISU Foundation on a tour of the Center of Plant Genomics (CPG) and Schnable Lab facilities.
  • Steve Howell (right) introducing microarray facility to Jim Breson (middle) and Robert Brown (left)
  • Debbie Chen, Schnable Laboratory Lab Manager introducing the Sequenom Nanodispenser
  • Debbie Chen, Schnable Laboratory Lab Manager demonstrating the Sequenom Mass Spectometer
  • Visitors touring Schnable Lab's computer facilities
On June 20th, 2006, Dr. Steve Howell, director of the Plant Sciences Institute (PSI) led a group of visitors, including 5 UN ambassadors, 3 UN staff members, Mike Steenhoek from Senator Grassley's office, and Kate Bielenberg from the ISU President's Office, on a tour of the Center of Plant Genomics (CPG) and the Schnable Lab.
  • Viewing a microarray slide

L to R: Dr. Mikio Nakazono, Dr. Patrick Schnable, Ryosuke Watanabe
April 23rd, 2005

Professor Yuan Longping, a World Food Prize laureate for the year 2004, paid a visit to our Microarray facility in October 2004. Professor Longping is the director-general of the China National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center in Changsha, Hunan, China. His pioneering research has helped transform China from food deficiency to food security within three decades, and spurred the development of rice production in other Asian countries. He is widely acknowledged for developing hybrid rice which exhibits heterosis. Hybrids outperform both parents.
  • Prof. Longping, Schnable lab Co-manager Hsin "Debbie" Chen and the facility manager Hailing Jin
  • Prof. Longping talks with Jin Li, Hsin "Debbie" Chen, and Hailing Jin
  • The group in front of the microarrayer
  • (L to R) Hailing Jin, Hsin "Debbie" Chen, Prof. Yuan Longping, Jin Li, and Yanling Wei

Biotechnology Delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture of China - April 18th, 2004
L to R: Song Gui Wen, Zhao Wei Ning, Pat, Liu Xin, Debbie and Lian Qing

Drs. Mester and Ronin's visit to the Center for Plant Genomics - April 4th, 2004
L to R: Dr. Pat Schnable, Dr. David Mester, translator Natalja Zazubovits, Dr. Yefim Ronin, Dr. Tsui-Jung Wen

TSU Seminar w/ Pat Schnable and TSU Collaborators - November 7th, 2003
L to R: Dr. Pat Schnable, Jessica Holzer, Allen Wu, Kristen Haely, Ryan Douglas, Ben Schmidt, Dr. Brent Buckner

Peter A. Peterson and Former Students - April 29th, 2003
Front row (L to R): Mike Muszynski (Pioneer Hi-Bred, Johnston, IA), Pat Schnable (Iowa State University), Peter Peterson (Iowa State University), Brian Scheffler (USDA-Stoneville, MS), Beom-seok Seo (ExSeed, Ames, IA)
Back row (L to R): Yong-Bao Pan (USDA, Houma, LA), Sally Peterson (Ames, IA), Elizabeth Caldwell (Cedar Rapids, IA)