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CAU-ISU Maize Genetics & Breeding Workshop

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CAU-ISU Maize Genetics & Breeding Workshop (03/20/12-03/21/12)

On 20-21 March 2012 The Center for Plant Genomics hosted a delegation of scientists from National Maize Improvement Center of China at China Agriculture University in Beijing. This workshop was designed to "kick-off" the newly formed joint CAU-ISU Center of Maize Genetics and Breeding. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing the new center was signed by Presidents Bingsheng Ke (CAU) and Steven Leath (ISU).

The following CAU scientists participated:

  • Dr. Jiansheng LI, Professor
  • Dr. Shaojiang CHEN, Professor
  • Dr. Weiwei JIN, Professor
  • Dr. Jinsheng LAI, Professor
  • Dr. Feng TIAN, Professor
  • Dr. Mingliang XU, Professor
  • Dr. Xiaohong YANG, Associate Professor

Participating ISU scientists included:

  • Dr. Pat SCHNABLE (Baker Professor, Agronomy/Director, Center for Plant Genomics)
  • Dr. Phil BECRAFT (Professor, GDCB/Agronomy)
  • Dr. Candy GARDNER (Assistant Professor, Agronomy/Research Leader, USDA Plant Introduction Station)
  • Dr. Kendall LAMKEY (Chair & Pioneer Distinguished Chair in Maize Breeding, Agronomy)
  • Dr. Carolyn LAWRENCE (Collaborating Assistant Professor, GDCB/Director, MaizeGDB)
  • Dr. Sanzhen LIU/刘三震 (Post-doc, Schnable ab)
  • Dr. Mike MUSZYNSKI (Adjunct Assistant Professor, GDCB)
  • Dr. Tom PETERSON (Professor, GDCB/Agronomy)
  • Dr. Kan WANG (Professor, Agronomy/Director Center for Plant Transformation)
  • Dr. Wei WU/吳薇 (Manager, Genomic Technologies Facility/Schnable Lab)

Plus many graduate students and others.

The schedule of activities included the following presentations and tours:


  • (ISU) Sanzhen Liu, "Presence/Absence Variation and its phenotypic consequences"
  • (CAU) Jiansheng Li, "An introduction to CAU's National Maize Improvement Center"
  • (CAU) Shaojiang Chen, "Progress of Double Haploid Breeding in maize"
  • (ISU) Phil Becraft, "Genetic Control of Cell Differentiation in Maize Endosperm Development"
  • (CAU) Mingliang Xu, "Towards Map-based cloning of resistance QTLs in maize"
  • (CAU) Jinsheng Lai, "Genetic imprinting in the maize endosperm"
  • (ISU) Mike Muszynski, "Genetic and genomic approaches to define plant developmental networks"
  • (CAU) Feng Tian, "Integrating the advantages of linkage analysis and association mapping for complex traits dissection"
  • (ISU) Tom Peterson, "Genome rearrangements induced by the maize Ac/Ds transposable element system"
  • (CAU) Xiaohong Yang, "The Genetic Architecture of Oil Content in Maize Kernel"


  • Tour of the GTF led by Wei Wu
  • Tour of the PTF led by Kan Wang
  • Tour MaizeGDB led by Carolyn Lawrence
  • Tour of the USDA Plant Introduction Station led by Candy Gardner